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Palm Bungalows, Flores


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Why Go?

To encounter a unique and welcoming traditional culture living against a stunning backdrop of live volcanoes. The Florinese, even today build towering thatched houses and dress in intricately hand-dyed cloth, still hunt wild boar with homemade harpoons, still practice a startling blend of Catholicism and spirit-worship (churches are often decorated with strings of buffalo skulls). They are welcoming and happy to share it all with visitors.

When to go

The dry season is from end March through to September. Roads can be completely impassable during the rainy season however the island is lush green and more striking if you meet the start or end of the wet.


Despite unrest in Indonesia in recent years, Flores remains a peaceful backwater, untouched by violence and separatist conflict. Local people are content to be Indonesian citizens, and in fact complain about being ignored by the government and the rest of the country. This is, partly, a blessing-in-disguise. For the Florinese, it means a lack of development money and social services - but for travellers, it means tranquillity, and an island that is surprised and pleased that you came to visit. Although geographically removed from terrorism, the island is still suffering low tourism since the Bali bombings in November 2002 and more recently in October 2005. Another reason to go and support the local economy. For the adventurous this island will offer no end of untouched exploration and exhilaration.

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